Prayojana Chronicles

Don't Try to be the person you were

15 November, 2022 |

As we age, we all tend to look back at our younger days, its just natural. For a vast majority, we’d have been fitter, vibrant and way more active than we are.

Unconditional love

29 March, 2021 | 2 Comments

In conversation with Prayojana member Dr. Kamala Viswananthan, writer, professor, and counselor

Yes We Can!!

06 November, 2020 |

Gardening with Mrs Lakshmi

27 August, 2020 |

In her conversations with Prayojana, her zest for plants and gardening always shone through. Here’s an excerpt of Anupama’s interaction with Mrs. Lakshmi on what keeps her raring to go!

The Magic of a "Thank you..."

07 August, 2020 |

And the elderly lady looked at me as I was leaving their house and said ‘Thank You’ – something that conveyed a lot more than just the dictionary meaning of the expression...

Becoming your parent’s parent?

08 June, 2020 |

...when life comes full circle and offers you the opportunity to look after your ageing parents, it is your perfect chance to shower them with the same love, affection and gratitude. Caregiving for elderly parents can be immensely taxing - both physically and mentally.

Living through the Lockdown in Chennai

24 April, 2020 | 1 Comment

The only way for our elderly to steer clear of COVID-19 is to stay indoors and strictly adhere to the social distancing protocols. At the same time, this mandatory self-isolation can also lead to boredom, depression, anxiety, and, in some cases, even aggravation of health issues.

Top 5: Must-Try Activities this summer for Seniors

10 February, 2020 |

Boredom, lack of physical activity leading to reduced muscle mass, physical endurance, and strength. Idle mind - they may be forgetting a few things. Moving slower - not willing to do anything beyond sitting and watching TV serials. When just a few years ago, they were quite capable of running the Chennai Marathon...