Don't Try to be the person you were

As we age, we all tend to look back at our younger days, its just natural. For a vast majority, we’d have been fitter, vibrant and way more active than we are. In the world of fitness, you often come across this ‘I used to deadlift my bodyweight, run a 10k in 55 minutes’ kind of statements. Well, awesome you were able to do it, but doesnt make you any less awesome if you are a tad slower, less stronger etc now than before.

With Senior Citizens, these manifest in a bigger way because we are talking about day-to-day activities. We tend to hear ‘I used to sleep longer’ OR ‘I could eat anything’ OR ‘I remembered names, places, figures, facts like nobody’s business’. These are just some truths to accept - You just aren’t the person you were. That doesn't mean you can't be the person you currently are. Nor does it mean that you can’t take small steps towards being better than you are.

The issue is that the path leading to where you were seems like you have a Mt. Everest to climb. This causes anxiety and stress that come in the way of being thankful for how you are. Accepting that ‘Status Quo’ is not bad, as it is in a majority of cases, and being thankful for the present state of affairs goes a long way towards contentment, peace, happiness AND getting better.

By Venkataraman Krishnan

Co-Founder, Prayojana

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