Yes We Can!!

The festive season is here and the big question in a lot of our minds is ‘Are we going to be able to celebrate it as we have’…. Our answer is ‘Yes we can!!’…

‘Yes we can!!’ comes with a few modifications to how we celebrate. We already see the traditional Navratri golu become an e-Golu – people embraced it!! Personally, I missed the variety of sundals that find their way home everyday, but, its OK!!

The other day, one of our members remarked that they chose a nice silk sari along with a shirt and dhoti online!!! That was one remarkable change. If you ever went sari shopping for Diwali, chances are that you hop 5 shops in the crowded T Nagar area,

look over some 150 saris and settle on one. Its really not the Sari but the joy of looking at various designs and colors before settling on the one colour (that something between dark yellow and light orange) that you think you don’t have, that matters. Fortunately, all the popular shops along with some very cool boutiques have quite a presence online - Nalli Silks, Pothys, Selainayaki, Tamara to name a few.

COVID-19 definitely has disturbed our way of life. It has compelled us to change the way we do things. But, we can still go on with our lives with just a few simple adjustments and precautions

  • Wear the mask – whenever someone who doesn’t live with you is in proximity.
  • Avoid going to places/events that you don’t necessarily have to go to. For example, if you have to see your Doctor, explore a video-consultation option. OR, if you have to go to a wedding, ask yourself if you are better served by blessing the couple with a phone call.
  • Accept the new normal – This is difficult just because we have had to adjust rapidly in a short time frame while being in fear.
  • Don’t be scared – The Pandemic is very much here, but, if we take our precautions, we greatly increase our chances of being fine.

Let’s enjoy the rains… Let’s celebrate our festivals… Instead of going to the store, we can get all the goodie foodies online (Grand Sweets, Krishna Sweets, Sweet Karam Coffee, to name a few). Let’s accept the new normal that this pandemic has forced on us…. But, let’s live life on our own terms… Yes we can!!!

By Venkataraman Krishnan

Co-Founder, Prayojana

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