Stay Healthy

Our ‘Stay Healthy’ services are designed to greatly reduce your anxiety and stress related to your Parents’ well-being and safety. They are personalized with the following principles:

In Prayojana, you will have a partner who will be available to monitor, guide, intervene and manage your parents’ health situation and represent you adequately.

Initial Medical Profiling:

Prayojana Initial Medical Profiling

This is stored electronically in our Health Platform and you will have access to it. Sometimes, even basic information such as ‘What medication are the seniors under’ or ‘what are they allergic to’ is not readily available. This information gives a good understanding of the possible needs from a health standpoint. It helps us to be ready to advise and respond should situations arise.

Medication Compliance:

Prayojana Medication Compliance

Over 50% of treatment failures and 25% of hospitalizations occur due to non-adherence to prescribed medication. We provide an option for your Parents to receive reminders to help them stay compliant with medication.

*Under Premium plan


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