IPL Ku Whistle Podu

Who said IPL is only for youngsters? The time when seniors were glued to the TV watching only serials is long gone. The youthful old have caught up with the trend of quick cricket matches and they whistle and clap along to the sheer excitement of the sport!

The Indian Premier League (IPL) has entered its 16th season of electrifying cricketing action and our seniors are all geared up for the sport! (Surely Rinku Singh has won the hearts of several grandparents with his five straight 6s!) It's not just about the excitement of the game, but it's also about the sheer joy, camaraderie, and celebration this cricketing extravaganza draws, that appeals to seniors.

So why exactly do seniors await the IPL season eagerly?

Cherishing Old Memories

Cherishing Old Memories

For seniors who have grown up playing cricket, the IPL presents an opportunity to relive cherished memories and experience the thrill of the game once again. Watching the teams and players from various nationalities in action seems to bring back a sense of nostalgia not just for the golden days of cricket, but their own lives.

One of the seniors we had a conversation with said cricket equals fun for him and gives him the much-needed kick! The IPL serves as a reminder of his youth, evoking emotions of joy, and excitement he had as a child.

And it's not just youth who play favorites between the teams. Seniors also seem to have a strong emotional attachment to a particular IPL team (in most of our members’ cases, it's CSK and RCB!), and supporting their team becomes a matter of pride and identity.

IPL over Test Matches

When we asked seniors whether they like the 50 overs test cricket, they chose the IPL. In their words, “IPL brings us the satisfaction of getting results. Test matches go on for a long time, we are not able to follow it up for days and finally they often end in a draw”.

The IPL has also become a means of building connections and fostering social interactions among seniors. The IPL becomes a catalyst for social interactions, creating a sense of community and togetherness among seniors. They get a chance to discuss the sport, their favorite teams and players with fellow friends and family members.

It also gives them something exciting to look forward to and helps break the monotony of their daily routine. Seniors can immerse themselves in the IPL and that in turn, can have a positive impact on their emotional well-being. It provides them with moments of joy, excitement, and jubilation, which can boost their mood and overall well-being.

Stadium Matches

When asked if they have ever visited a stadium to watch IPL matches, several seniors expressed their interest in going to a stadium someday. Although they feel that old age is a barrier, the ones we spoke to all had child-like enthusiasm and showed great interest that they would love to go watch a match live at least once if they get a chance.

The next time you see a group of seniors huddled around the TV during the IPL season, cheering with all their might, remember that it's not just about the game, but it's about the joy, bonding, and celebration that the IPL brings to them.

Cheers to the IPL and all the memories it creates for senior citizens! Again Whistle Podu for the seniors who are able to keep the spark alive even in their later years!


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