Count your blessings!!!

Is the glass half full or half empty … Both may be true, but one of them has a ‘Me thankful’ tone and the other has a ‘Me deprived’ tone. It is just a way we look at the situation and choose the path we go on.

‘If life denies you something, do something else, that’s all’ – Manohar Devadoss. Here was a man who, while turning completely blind (he was an artist, writer), had a way to handle things, look forward to what he still wanted to do AND even talked about the setbacks in life with a positive tone.

Over the last few years, I have had the good fortune of interacting with a lot of senior citizens AND 95% of them had similar attitudes while going about their things. They do normal things, accept their limitations, embrace the love and respect they receive. Yes, its easy to look at the situations and complain about what could be, should be, should’ve been. But, where does it take us?

Think ‘Future-Positive’ rather than ‘Past-Negative’ says a close friend of mine. To think Future-Positive, its important to accept and embrace the present. Be thankful and express your gratitude for all the people and events that make the present what it is. Reset AND take tiny steps towards making the immediate future meaningful…

Count your blessings!!! There is plenty to be thankful for where we are, what we do AND what we’re set up to do..

By Venkataraman Krishnan

Co-Founder, Prayojana

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