The words that continue to inspire us everyday.

"I came to know about Prayojana thanks to Aruna Mahesh. I approached them for my mother who stays in Chennai. They have been most supportive and take care of all her needs and more importantly give us the assurance that we need not worry.

It has been comforting both for my mother importantly and for me . Sitting abroad during such times has been one of the worst experiences for many people like me. And at this time Prayojana has been my best friend . God bless each one of them - Venkat , Anupama and Priya and all the others who are doing this noble service."

- Vidhya Venkat, Singapore on Aug 20, 2020

"Prayojana Bangalore was of great help a week ago, on Saturday (17th Sep 2022) evening. I was very ill. My wife was at a loss where to go searching for the needed intravenous (IV) antibiotic unavailable with local chemists, how to contact my doctor on a weekend, which hospital to go to, what to pack when going to the hospital, etc. Prayojana's Sriram, came immediately that evening, with the hard to obtain IV antibiotic medicine and took my wife and myself to a hospital.

He helped with the formalities, and the antibiotic could be injected intravenously without losing precious time. Thankfully I am recovering now. Sriram's coming was a God send !"

- Vinod Sarma, Bangalore, India on Sep 25, 2022

"My brother and I live in the U.S. and our parents live in Chennai. A year and a half ago, I signed my parents up with Prayojana as I wanted them to have someone local to call in case of medical emergency. Turns out, Prayojana is much much more than that.

Prayojana's frequent and absolutely regular check-ins have become a mainstay. After the initial warm-up phase between Venkat and my parents, they are now familial in nature. My parents describe these conversations with joy and look forward to his visits.

Covid isolations have fully digitized my parents. And thanks to Prayojana, this happened in record time. They were there from the onset, figuring out the best cellular plans, to getting my parents comfortable with electronic payments, to getting them to watch every streamed show. Oh and they organized the December ‘Katcheris’ streamed for home viewing.

Prayojana totally blew my mind off when they arranged and got my parents vaccinated against Covid two days after PM Modi got vaccinated! This was remarkable to me. Without Prayojana, this could not have happened. I am incredibly grateful for this.

On a lighter note, Venkat & Anupama even organize and celebrate their birthdays. When growing up birthdays used to be an awkward, "oh, we don't celebrate them" kind of thing. Now, it is a Zoom affair with cake, personalized quizzes, reminiscent conversations and joy.

I highly recommend Prayojana to anyone living in India or abroad whose senior parents are living on their own. When I mentioned Prayojana's services to my American friend whose aging parents live on their own in a different city, her immediate response was "I wish there is a service like that here!".

- Niru Chinmay, California, USA on Jul 12, 2021

"Prayojana team has been very supportive both for my mother in law and my mother. I was always very worried about both of them since I am living so far away from home. The teams in both cases have always responded promptly and been there for both of them in times of crisis and on a weekly basis.

I appreciate the involvement of the leadership team of Anupama and Chandramouli and the personal care and attention that the entire team ( which includes Narayanan on my mother in law's side and Sudarshan on my moms side) gives to our family. The arrangement with Prayojana has given us a sense of relief that we have someone our moms can reach out to if and when they need assistance and have emergencies. Very grateful for that."

- Mythreyi Sekar on Jun 27, 2022

"Prayojana has been fantastic! We've been using them for my parents aged 76 and 84 and living in Bangalore. The team (Sriram, Kavitha, Srilatha) has been extremely professional and willing to help with all sorts of requests from doctors visits to banking errands and referrals. They are patient, caring, and always with a smile - they do their bit to brighten up my parents lives. They've had to spend a lot of time with my parents particularly in the last few months, helping them address some health issues - they've done so willingly, with compassion and support. Living in the US, I felt the need to setup a strong support system for my parents as I couldn't physically be there - and Prayojana is an integral part of that support system that we will continue to use! Thank You! :-)"

- Prashanth on Mar 22, 2022

"A few minutes back, one of your associates came and delivered my Medicines bought along with some snacks. I don't have adequate words to describe my gratitude except "Thanks!".
The Medicines were crucial for maintaining Blood Pressure and heart functioning. As I had exhausted my stocks 4 days ago, I couldn't take these medicines. It is a great relief for myself.
Another matter for congratulating your excellence in serving senior citizens, is, without my asking this time, but remembering my request made some 3 or 4 weeks ago, you chose to fulfill my request also for Snacks. Speaks for the compassion & dedication you attach in your sincere endeavor towards service to the Society. Service to Society and Humanity is service to GOD. MAY GOD SHOWER HIS CHOICEST BLESSINGS ON YOU. Thanking You"

S. K. Bharath, Chennai

What amazed me about Prayojana was how they personalized their offering for my Mother who lives by herself in Chennai. They showed tremendous flexibility in providing their services while being patient empathetic with my Mother. I look forward to a long association with them.

J Jayseelan, CT, USA

I have Parents living by themselves in Virugambakkam, Chennai. My Father had a medical situation which limited his mobility. I heard about Prayojana through a friend and called Raj. Within five minutes of talking to him, hearing his calm voice and his understanding of my concerns, immediately put me at ease. The first thing Prayojana did was to audit their living premises for safety and helped in putting together measures that made the premises more safe for my parents. I got regular updates throughout the implementation of safety issues, which is very important when you're managing your Parents' health remotely. I feel a lot less anxious now when it comes to providing safety and care for my Parents.

Rathna, Millburn, NJ, USA

Prayojana is a great concept. Their services range from the most critical such as Emergency support to something as simple as help with a Passport Renewal. My 75 year old mother was lost when it came to renewing her passport. Prayojana stepped in and helped her with the process end-to-end. Their attention to detail, empathy and ownership make them absolutely trustworthy.

Sai Selvaganesan, Sunnyvale, CA, USA

Prayojana was a great find during the 2018 Music season. Their services were invaluable to my 90 year old uncle and 86 year old aunt who got to attend some special concerts. They brought a mix of professionalism, compassion, respect, empathy and enthusiasm in taking care of my folks. My uncle in particular was very impressed and grateful for the warm and patient handling at each instance, some thing that is very much needed and important when dealing with elders. I take this opportunity to thank the entire Prayojana team for their meticulous efforts. My best wishes to them for all their future efforts in fulfilling this noble service to the elders in our community.

- Sunandhini Pattabhiraman, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

"Prayojana is exactly what people like me living in the US need to take care of our parents living alone in India."

Raju, Hartford, CT, USA

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