The Prayojana Way

When it comes to the elderly, most people think about their physical well-being. The words Emergency, Hospital, Chronic Illness, Safety jump at us immediately… understandably so.

We think differently at Prayojana.

We believe that it is more important to make our elders look forward to the next day and the next week and so on. We believe that there is more to their life than just living longer. We believe that by helping them indulge in activities that are close to their heart, we will ease the constraints that ageing places on them.


We believe that it is more about adding life to your years than years to your life.

How do we do this?

We help them pursue their activities and interests, create avenues for them to share their special knowledge with others, help them network with others who share similar interests and are in similar situations. For example, if they are connoisseurs of classical music, we suggest concerts, get them tickets, arrange the transportation and just take the hassle out of doing something they love. If they like to be with like-minded people, we organize picnics OR day-trips for them to go out and experience. Essentially, we make it comfortable for them to fill their life with things that they like to do. It's important to add life to their years.

And it is important to maintain their health, stay compliant with medication, undergo tests at the required intervals and maintain status-quo. As children living far away, you have a partner who will keep you updated on events and non-events, assuring you that there is a local presence for all their health needs including emergencies.

We look at ourselves as your local representatives for your Parents. We put ourselves into your shoes and act in their best interests. At Prayojana, we believe in a holistic approach to Senior Citizen Wellness and Care. After all, as Lincoln famously said ‘Sometimes it is not about adding years to your life; rather, it is about adding life to your years’.