What is Prayojana?
We provide holistic Senior Citizen Wellness and Care services for senior citizens at the comfort of their homes. Our program is designed to keep your Parents Active, lead a comfortable life and stay healthy. 

Who is a Care Buddy?
A Care Buddy is a person responsible for ensuring the well being and addressing the needs of your Parents. He/She is immediately available in case of emergencies, takes care of running errands, organizes services AND is responsible for the overall satisfaction experienced by your Parents.

Is Prayojana a hospital (or) a senior citizen community? 
No. We are not. Our services are rendered to your Parents at the comfort of their homes where they currently stay.

Do you have insurance cover for members?
As of now, we do not. However, we are exploring options where our members can be covered under a suitable Health Insurance Plan.

What happens during a Doctor's Visit?
As part of our Premium Plan, we have a Doctor visiting your Parents monthly once. During these visits, the Doctor will have a relaxed informal conversation with your Parents while reviewing their general health, test reports (if any) and advise them on minor tweaks to their lifestyle that they may need to make.

In case of emergency, is transportation included as part of the plan? 
Yes. In a medical emergency situation, we cover the charges that are payable to the Ambulance.

Will my parents be taken to your network of doctors or hospitals or do we have a choice?
We will come to you with our recommendations. But, the final choice is yours.

How does Prayojana maintain confidentiality of my parent (s) records?
We maintain the confidentiality of your parent (s) records and follow the clauses stipulated in our Privacy Policy.


What are the Services offered by Prayojana?
We offer the following services across 3 essential dimensions – Activity, Comfort and Health.

Where in India are Prayojana Services available?
Our services are currently available in Chennai and Bengaluru*. We do plan to expand to other locations including smaller cities such as Madurai and Trichy in the future.

What does Prayojana not handle?
Stay and Accomodation, as with Senior Citizen Homes, is something that we do not handle
We do not cater food to our elders. However, we will be able to help with various catering options that will most likely suit the needs of your Parents.
Please email us if there is a specific service that you are interested in and we will come back to you with our suggestions, even if not offered by us.

What does Prayojana offer to keep my parents active?
Prayojana provides plenty of opportunities to keep your parents active. To give you an idea, here are some of the activities.
Opportunities to attend music concerts, Exhibitions, Movies, Stage shows, etc.
Organised visits to temples, beaches, places of interests in and around Chennai.
Workshops and discussion forums on various topics Facilitation of hobbies and interests.
Facilitation of hobbies and interests

In case of emergency, how will Prayojana help my parents?
In the case of a medical emergency that requires immediate Medical attention, we want your parents to call the Ambulance first up as per the Instructions provided in your Personalized Care Plan followed by a call to your Care Buddy. On notification, our Care Buddy immediately swings into action by reaching the hospital and do what is needed for them to get prompt attention at the hospital AND be there to help through the situation. You, or someone you designate is notified as soon as practically possible along with periodic updates on the situation. We provide our opinions on whether or how soon you need to travel to be with your Parent(s).

Will my parents have to only consult your Doctor? what if we have a family doctor?
No, they won’t be limited to only Doctors from our Panel. If you have a Family Doctor, we will be happy to arrange for consultation/treatment by the Family Doctor.

Are all services of Prayojana available in all Pin Codes of the City you operate in?
Yes, We cover most of Chennai and Bengaluru. If there is a specific Pincode that you have a question about, please get in touch with us.

How will your parents get to know the events happening in the city?
Based on your interests, we will provide you a curated set of events held in the city during the next 30 days. We will provide this list once a fortnight. Some of the current events are also listed on this website from time to time.

How will Prayojana transport members for such events, if one gets to attend?
It depends on the need and request of our members. For people who need to be hand-held and escorted, we offer a dedicated cab-service with a pick-up from home and escort to the comfort of their seats and back. For others, we organize normal taxi service from home to the venue and back. Actual costs for these services are to be paid directly by your parents to the service provider.

Can I choose some of your services which I feel are very relevant for my parents?
We have two plans (Essential and Premium) that are available for you to choose from. However, if you need something specific to be added to these plans, we will be happy to work with you and accommodate the same.

What do you mean by “Stay Active”?
Anything you pursue that makes you look forward to or live in anticipation is pretty much what we define as ‘Stay Active’. It can be a Project that you undertake, a hobby that you pursue, interests that you indulge in OR just some gigs that shake you out of the daily dull routine. We strongly believe that staying mentally active and purposeful brings fulfilment and creates a strong positive reinforcement on life.

How will Prayojana keep the children/family members updated on the well being of their parents?
You will receive an Activity Report every month. More importantly, should there be any abnormal event, we will communicate that quickly to you. Children will have access to our health platform and the digital health dashboard will give a full and clear view of the health of their parents.

Will the care buddy help in getting Doctor appointments?
Yes. Your Care Buddy will help with getting Doctor Appointments.

Do you have Nursing care personnel in your employment?
No, we do not have Nursing Care personnel in our payroll. However, we have tied up with reliable partners who provide these personnel to our members. We will help you find a person who will suit your needs.

What if my parents need additional Care buddy visits or doctor visits more than what your plan offers? 
We will try our best to accommodate additional visits within the plan that you have selected. In situations where we are unable to do so, there will be charges that will be incurred depending on the nature of the visit.

In case of emergency, is transportation included as part of the plan?
Yes. In a medical emergency situation, we cover the charges that are payable to the Ambulance.

What if my parents need home assistance or nursing support?
We will advise and help you find the right support system for this. Charges to this are additional and payable directly to the service provider providing support. 

Do you provide support for Tax filing and any legal advice, if required?
Yes, we will find the right support for this by pointing you to the experts (Chartered Accountants, Advocates, etc). Charges are payable directly to these experts.

My dad is not very tech savvy, do you assist in tech adoption & stay socially connected on digital media? 
Yes, we can help your father to be tech savvy enough for him to benefit from the tremendous possibilities that modern communication offers.

Paying bills – electricity, property tax etc are a big task for my parents, how will you assist in this?
Based on your comfort, we do this in multiple ways. The simplest way is to collect a cheque/cash from your Parents along with the necessary details and make the payment to the authorities for electricity, property tax, etc. Where needed, we can first pay these charges on your behalf and then later bill and collect from you for the charges incurred.

How will you ensure that they are compliant with medication?
Our Health Platform has options to send reminders for your Parents with regard to their medication. Our Care Buddy, during home visits, monitors medication compliance and medicine stock and helps with reorders.
Additionally, as part of the Premium Plan, we have a Doctor visiting your Parents on a periodic basis. During these visits, Medication Compliance is addressed by the visiting Doctor.

Will you support if my parent(s) need physiotherapy and lab investigations? 
Yes. We arrange lab investigations and physiotherapy needs of your Parents.

How do I enrol my parents?
You can use the link on our website to enrol your parents. Just select the package and duration options that you desire and you are just a few clicks away. If you have questions, Or need help in choosing the right options for your parents, please reach out to us by either clicking this Enquiry Form OR just email us @ info@prayojana.in and we will get in touch with you.

If I enrol my Father, does my Mother get to enjoy the benefits as well?
The plan chosen is for the individual. However you can enroll your mother also. We offer a 50% discount to the second parent on our subscription rates should you choose to enrol both.

Can I enrol my parents on a monthly basis? is there a minimum sign up required? 
No. We do not have monthly plans. The minimum period of enrolment is 3 months. 

If I sign up for a year, and we decide not to continue half way through, how will Prayojana address this? 
Irrespective of the plan chosen, should you choose to withdraw your enrollment during your sign up period, we will refund the plan charges. For this purpose, refund amount will be calculated for the period remaining from the end of the month in which enrollment is withdrawn till the plan end date.

What are the benefits one gets by enrolling in Prayojana?
As a child of a parent living away from them, you get the assurance that your Parents are in safe hands and that their needs are handled, on your behalf, by people who are accessible and available.

How much does it cost to be a Prayojana member?
We have a couple of plans - Essential and Premium. Each of the plans cater to the needs of your parents. Costs are associated with the chosen plan. Details of this is available on our Plan Comparison page.

Should payment be made only in USD or INR is acceptable?
Our charges are in INR. However, you can pay the equivalent in USD or Euro or any currency that is supported by our Payment Gateway.

Does the subscription cover ticket for events/concerts?
As a rule, it does not. However, we do offer complimentary passes to certain events from time to time.

How frequently will the care buddy visit & interact with the enrolled member? 
As a Process, Our Care Buddy will have touchpoints over the phone and in person with the enrolled member. There are situations, however, where our Care buddy will vary the frequency as per need and request.