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மகன்  தந்தைக்கு  ஆற்றும் உதவி  இவன் தந்தை என்நோற்றான்  கொல்எனும் சொல்

The duty of the children is to make other people exclaim, “What prayers the parents had done to give birth to these valuable children”. 

When Thiruvalluvar scripted this kural, the world wasn’t this flat, children mostly lived with their Parents and took care of them as they approached their Golden Years. Today, your profession and interests make you settle down in other parts of the globe and you often wonder how to make sure your Parents are safe, healthy and happy halfway around the globe.

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Looking for someone to take care of your ageing parents in Chennai or Bengaluru*? Help them with their everyday needs, assist them in managing their health and make them look forward to life in their golden years?

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Prayojana Senior Care Services in Chennai. Health care, Home Support and more

Starting at $67/month
(approx. | ₹ 4800/month)

Assistance across the day

Ensure your parents basic support needs

Digitized Health Records &
Medication Management 

Handling Medical Emergencies
incl. ambulance services
& Discounts at Labs / Hospitals 

Running home errands &
access to Handyman Services

Prayojana Senior Care Services in Chennai. Health care, Home Support and more

Starting at $97/month
(approx. | ₹ 7000/month)

All Essentials Plan Services plus

Personal Time, Individual Attention
by Care Buddies

Proactive Health Management
incl. Surgery Planning & Updates

Facilitation of Personal Projects
& Stay Cheerful Services

Assistance in Home Maintenance, 
Asset Management and more


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