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Aging gracefully is being able to do what you love independently. MadRasana partners with Prayojana to ensure that you can enjoy the December Musical Season with joy and pride.

The 20-day music festival that starts from mid-December is now stretched from early December to Pongal (mid-January). The season draws thousands from across India, apart from NRIs and foreigners. Hundreds of artists give around 1,500 performances across a dozen sabhas in the city.

With demand so high, let’s talk about how the December season brings joy to music lovers across all ages, especially senior citizens. This is a wonderful arena to meet your old friends and connect on a common platform – love for Carnatic Music. Listening to the different ragas, appreciating the melody and analysing every varnam is an experience that lasts you a lifetime.

Studies claim that attending a concert once every two weeks can add nine years to your life. This is because of the various factors – friends, music, atmosphere, and the joy of seeing magnificent performances live.

Several celebrities coming together to create the magic of this season every year is truly incredible. This season we have a list of singers as impressive as ever - Sikkil C Gurucharan, T.M. Krishna, Ranjani Gayathri, Sudha Raghunathan, Neyveli R Santhanagopalan, to name a few.

These singers have established themselves in the world of music in a majestic way, and they need to be appreciated in their atmosphere, at the sabha, live.

Contrary to the jokes thrown around, it does get rather cold in Chennai. The weather in December gets chilly with temperatures dropping below what might be tolerable for senior citizens. Most of whom would rather stay at home than go through the hassle of trying to book tickets, cabs, autos, getting delayed in the process, and stressed out.

Prayojana gives senior citizens more than a hand. We help them attend whichever concerts they may desire. We are here to ensure that the previous generation does not miss out on what they are interested in just because their children are abroad and unable to take them places.

So what do we do? We help you book tickets. We bring the tickets to you. We send you a car that will take you to your concert. Our chaperone ensures that you have everything that you need during the entire run of the show. If you have to visit the restroom, we have your back. And we bring you back home safe and sound.

We help lives to be lived in dignity by providing that independence to do what senior citizens love to do, without being a burden to others. Our various services help change lives in many ways.

A shout-out to all of you living outside of Chennai but have family and loved ones who want to attend the Carnatic Music Festival. Prayojana partners with MadRasana to bring senior citizens to some of the best musical shows in the Carnatic World.

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