Younger & Healthier Tips for Senior by Prayojana

Taking care of yourself is a priority at all ages. But some numbers could play a more prominent role than others. Statistics state that to have a long life, take extra care when you are in the ’70s. The word is that this is a dangerous age group. Yes.

Israeli scholars have found that there are around two health problems per month for elderly people between the ages of 70 and 79. Surprisingly, the health status of the elderly aged 80-89 is as stable as the 60-69 age group.

One of the reasons why this decade is looked at seriously is because this is when the strain on the organs begin to show. More often than not, various geriatric issues start to crop up it is often prone to hyperlipemia, arteriosclerosis, hypertension, and diabetes.

It is believed that time goes back a phase after this decade. On entering the 80s, these diseases will decline, and the mental and physical health may return to the level of 60-69 years old. While that does sound fabulous, do take care of the time between 70 and 79.

A lot of realizations hit during this phase. Health is Wealth. One life to live. Let’s look forward to a healthy tomorrow.

There are some simple steps that one can follow. Measures that will take you through this dangerous age group in a healthy way.

Let’s talk about the first step today. That is water. Yes. Basic requirement and a very underestimated one.

Water is “the best and cheapest health drink”.

You must drink a glass of water during the following three times/occasions each day:


First Cup:

After getting out of bed, you can drink a glass of water on an empty stomach.

Because of our invisible sweating and urine secretion during sleep, we lose a lot of water. Even if we don’t feel thirsty after getting up, the body liquids will still be thick due to lack of water. Therefore, after getting out of bed, you must slowly add water as soon as possible.


Second cup:

A glass of water after exercise

The right amount of exercise is one of the cornerstones of longevity, especially for the elderly, and more attention should be paid to adequate and reasonable practice. However, after the workout, special attention should be paid to replenishing water. During exercise, sweat takes away electrolytes and consumes more energy. If you don’t pay attention, it is prone to hypoglycemia after the workout, and even cause syncope. Therefore, after the exercise, it is recommended that the old people drink water to which a small pinch of salt and sugar can be added and dissolved if you wish.


Third cup:

A glass of water before going to bed…

When people are asleep, sweat glands are still draining water. When the body’s liquid is reduced too much, the blood viscosity is increased. A cup of water before going to bed can effectively reduce the blood viscosity and may even slow down the appearance of aging. Helps against Angina, myocardial infarction and other diseases.

Keep looking at this space for the other steps that could have a miraculous effect on your body.

Healthy Body. Peaceful Mind.

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