Care Tips for Elderly by Prayojana

Old age can be a sensitive phase. While all of us require care and comfort, the elderly require additional attention because with age comes a lot of worry and anxiety. The changes in the minds of the elderly as they grow older cannot be noticed easily. The behavioral patterns transform in a very subtle manner. The lack of awareness of what is required to handle the elderly can cause hurt and disappointment.


Middle-age to Senior Citizen

Birth. Childhood. Adolescence. Adulthood. Middle age. Old age. These are the most crucial stages in the journey of a person. With each step comes their own set of challenges. As the stages go by, the physical strength begins to deteriorate, and the stability of the mind reduces.


The Psychological and Physiological Changes

The physical changes slowly begin with body aches that lead to an inability to be as fast as before. Being tired all the time becomes the reason for inactivity. The psychological changes that come with them are inevitable. The need for emotional support increases. The fear of being unable to take care of the little things is bound to make them want to give up.


The Needs

The logic is straightforward. Elders desire a life with dignity, good health, and economic independence. Love, care and attention will ensure their good health and a happy mind. They still want to be able to do everything that they did a decade ago. Their needs have not changed. What they require is a little bit of assistance.


The Mindset

The fact that they need assistance is what makes them emotionally upset. Little things like going to the temple every day become a challenge. Sometimes, the idle mind brings back old and unfulfilled wishes that cause a sense of regret. Being able to understand what they are going through and telling them that it is alright to feel so, is the need of the day.

In India, it is believed that there are over 80 million older souls. The need for expert help to provide the elderly with physical, mental and emotional comfort is more vital than ever. Keeping in mind the next generation of children who have settled abroad and the elderly not willing to let go of the homes they have lived in all their lives, Prayojana has created a health plan that can enrich the lives of both.


Help Delivered to the Home

We at Prayojana create a personalised package to suit the needs of the elder. Our customised solutions include taking care of the physical, mental and emotional side of the elderly. It could be a simple yoga class in the morning, company to the temple in the evening or regular doctor checks in a week.

Let us have a call to get to know your needs better. Let’s make a difference to the elderly in our lives. Let’s show them how much we care.

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