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Childhood, school, college, first job, second job, marriage, children, their responsibilities, ensuring financial stability for the parents and the children, and then the children get married and move on. Sometimes, we, the elderly are left with what we think is an empty nest.

No one said growing old is easy. But it can be made easy if we believe we have to live for ourselves just as much as we do for our parents and our children.

Now as children who live far away from home, we can try to bring back a graceful way of growing old for ourselves and our parents.

What does growing old mean to you?

It all depends on where you are standing, isn’t it? For some, it is about more responsibilities, whereas for some it is about finally doing away with them and being able to concentrate on your needs and desires. For some, it is about adding years to your life and being less active and having more medicines. For others, it is about living life to its fullest because you do not want to have regrets.


The fear of growing old

Growing old can be quite scary for various reasons. One of the biggest being fear of dependency. With it, comes guilt and a feeling of being a burden. We feel that as the years go by, our ability to do what we want reduces. Be it a simple thing as walking to the market or something more strenuous such as exercise.


A deeper question

At what age do you start getting old? Truth be told, it is all in the mind. It is a fact that the older a person gets, the longer he thinks it takes for a person to reach old age. Thanks to technology and medicine, the life expectancy of a person has increased in quantifiable numbers. On average, adults aged 30 – 50 believe that old age begins at 70. A fifty-year-old would predict that he would be old at 75.


Course of action

Honestly, it does not matter. What does count is how you feel about yourself. And what you intend to do with the time on your hands. Growing old could mean – not being able to do anything you want – or it could mean – you can do whatever you want.

With Prayojana, we give you the second option. We connect with the elderly, find out the personal goals and desires and help accomplish it. Isn’t that a beautiful way of aging gracefully?

No more frowns. No more regrets. No more looking back at the years in a sad way.

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