The Magic of a

Thank you. Please. Sorry.
Magic Words that we teach our children. Words that do some magic to us when they mean much more…


A polite expression used when acknowledging a gift, service, or compliment, or accepting or refusing an offer.

"Thank you for your letter."

An instance or means of expressing thanks.

Straight forward definition, you’d think… but, it can metamorphose into various forms. 

‘I would like this on my desk by 3 pm yesterday, thank you!!’ is an order.
‘Thank you so much for doing this for me at this exact hour of need’ is an expression of gratitude.
And a lot of times a mere ‘Thank you’ is just a social thing.

And here is this elderly couple that I met a few months ago – simple, content, fulfilled, courteous, wonderful family with kids that adore them and make them proud and a strong and silent belief in the almighty.

But, they also were steadfast in maintaining the ‘We are okay… we don’t need any particular help’ line.

One day the magic happened, it just took a simple suggestion from their children to print a few photographs and a couple of articles for their parents. And the elderly lady looked at me as I was leaving their house and said ‘Thank You’ – something that conveyed a lot more than just the dictionary meaning of the expression.

To us @ Prayojana, it meant ‘Thanks to my children for connecting you to us. Thanks to you for strengthening our connection to my children. Thanks to the almighty for adding a local member to my family’...
Most importantly, it meant ‘I look forward’.

Thank You!!! For letting us in and giving the idea of Prayojana a chance…

By Venkataraman Krishnan

Co-Founder, Prayojana

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