Participation in City Events

Chennai is a lively city, one can find so many events happening to his / her liking be it a கச்சேரி, a Drama, சினிமா, Stand-up comedy, art festival, உபந்யாஸம் !!! We, at Prayojana, help our elders to fulfil their dreams to enjoy such events in the city. We help in identifying the right event for them, organise tickets take care of logistics to get to the venue & get back home safely..


What is Included

  • Period publication & communication of events happening in the city
  • Arrange for tickets upon request
  • Arrange for transport & help upon request
  • Reminder 2 days ahead of the event opted for
  • Arrange for light refreshments / beverage upon request


What’s Not?

  • Actual costs of the ticket, if it’s a paid event
  • Actual costs of any transport requested for
  • Actual costs for any refreshments / beverage requested


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