Home Repairs & Installation Support

They are many tiny activities that our elders keep postponing for them to get accumulated & never get done. For example, a replacement of a bulb, leaking faucet, servicing the AC prior to summer, cleaning of the water filter periodically…these not only hamper the quality of life & compromising their comfort, but they may also lead to accidents… if a blow-out bulb is not replaced on time, because there is an alternate source of light in the living room, may sometimes lead to fall due to tripping on an object in the way of their movement because its shadowed due to lack of light, even a carpet sometimes may lead to a fall if not visible clearly.

To avoid such accidents and get them addressed without any delay or postponement, we at Prayojana can help the elders to have such handyman jobs fixed. We have a team of partners who are very reliable & responsive when it comes to such a request.


What is Included

  • Arrange handyman services – bulb replacement, fixing a leaking faucet et al
  • Schedule periodic cleaning / inspection of appliances like RO filer, ACs, Washing machines, invertors et al.
  • Our Care Buddy will be available to schedule such tasks to be carried out at your convenience & ensure completion of the same to your satisfaction.


What’s Not?

  • Actual charges for such repairs both labour & parts replaced if any.
  • Warranty for the work performed or any defect induced due to such repairs by the service provider is not the liability of Prayojana


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