Doctor’s Appointment

Visiting a Doctor for consultation comes with its own set of issues when it comes to our elders. The very thought of such puts them off as they have to plan for each of their visits including transportation, wait time etc. Often than not, they postpone their periodic visits to a doctor just because they don’t want to go through such hassles. This often leads to health issues not being attended on time leading to complications.

At Prayojana, we try our best to alleviate this concern of our elders & help them with periodic doctor appointments or arranging a house visit by a doctor.


What is Included

  • The fixing of appointments with their family doctor or as per Health Condition through our partner network
  • Co-ordinate their visit
  • A care buddy will accompany the member on request
  • Doctor reviews/inputs will be captured & published through our platform


What’s Not

  • Doctor Consultation charges (or) house visit charges*
  • Transportation charges if requested
  • Any tests that may be needed

*For members on the Premium plan, one visit per month is included in the plan



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