Diagnostic Tests

Periodic tests, as needed, are part of the discipiline needed to ensure medication compliance. Additionally, there may be specific tests prescribed in order as part of a diagnosis or health monitor process.

At Prayojana, we have tie-ups with some of the best diagnostic centres in Chennai & Bengaluru that help us in bringing these Pathological tests to your doorstep AND minimize the hassle involved in sample collection, processing etc. You just have to tell us what tests and when and we will handle the rest.


What is Included

  • All tests that are advised by the doctor are available at preferential rates to you1
  • Home collection of samples for the tests are included2
  • If it means that, you will need to visit the centre for a test that cannot be done at the doorstep, for example, a CT Scan, priority in appointments to book a slot is given to Prayojana member. Discounted rates for such are also included
  • If transportation to the centre is required, facilitation for such is included
  • Reports will be digitized & made able available on our platform
  • Reports will be shared with the Doctor for his review & further inputs
  • Follow up doctor visit (house visit) if required will be facilitated.
  1. For premium members, standard pathological tests are covered once in a quarter
  2. Home collection charges are waived off for all members


What’s Not?

  • Any transport requested, charges if any, are excluded
  • All charges for the tests, net of discounts as applicable, will be borne by the member3
  • Charges for Follow up doctor visit
  1. For Premium members, Periodic tests as per their plan are paid for.


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